Cecilia’s South African dishes

Cecilia is totally responsible for all catering and accommodation arrangements.

Right at the onset I should say: “Should you have any specific dietary requirements, simply let us know when you book, and Cecilia will cater for your individual tastes.” It also goes without saying that any type of food can be prepared on request: Kosher or Halaal or Fish on Fridays: Makes no difference to Cecilia! She will present what you ask for.

With Cecilia being in the first place girl who grew uo on a Free State farm, she is probably at her best preparing traditional South African “farmers fare dishes”. Delicious traditional South African dishes are served, thar compares very well with the best world cuisine. Please warn us beforehand if you are a real wine connoseur, we will then be sure to serve you only the best of the fine South African wines.

What better way to watch the sun rise over the Free State grassveld than whilst enjoying a healthy breakfast featuring fresh local fruit of the season and whatever you have requested when ased the night before. Often ‘breakfast’ will be a very early and simple affair of coffee or tea and a few hastily duncked rusks before you are off to hunt. But then not too long afterwards you will be fortifying yourself for the activities ahead with a satisfying brunch. Cecilia’s specialities include various flavors of venison saussage and hot freshly baked bread with home made jam. Yummy!

Sample Breakfast Menu

Exotic and local fresh fruit in season, yoghurt, wholeweat bread/Continental breads, cereals, mieliepap toast, preserves, orange or other fruit juice.

Poached, scrambled or fried eggs, bacon, pork/beef/venison sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms, venison minute steaks, omelette, fresh fruit juice – coffee/tea.


Relax over a leisurely lunch featuring local specialities such as bobotie, na salad and grilled francolin shot by yourself the day before.

Sample Lunch Menu

Selection of cold meats with homemade bread, roasted vegetable and cous cous salad, grilled sweet potato salad, mini pzza with roasted vegetables, lentil and banana salad, Greek salad, bobotie and yellow rice, grilled francolin salad, mixed salad – coffee/tea


We serve a wide variety of dishes including meals which cater for special dietary requirements. Below is a sample menu to whet your appetite.

Sample Dinner Menu

Starters – Tomato Soup with Vegetable Timbale, Focaccia Bread, Biltong Salad with Sunflower Seeds and Balsamic Vinaigrette, Basil Pesto Bread with Tarragon, Dijon Black Eyed Bean Soup, Brioche Bread, Courgette and Mint Soup, Herbed Buttermilk Bread with Applewood Smoked Cheese.

Main Courses – Roast Fillet of Beef with a Rosemary and Red Wine Sauce, Sweet Ginger Carrots, Pan-fried Green Patty Pans with Savoury Rice, Venison Potjie with Fresh Garden Vegetables and Long Grain Rice, Chicken Cape Malay Braised Green Beans with Ginger Carrots, Mango & Chilli Relish with Basmati Rice, Tomato Bredie Broccoli in Almond Butter, Yellow Patti Pans and Cous-Cous


A superb combination of local and international cuisine served in unforgettable surroundings, rounded off with sumptuous desserts.

Sample Desserts Menu

Crème Brulee, topped with Granadilla Chocolate, Marshmallow Mousse Malva Pudding served with Homemade Ice-Cream Soufflé, Glace au Amarula Pears Poached in Red Wine served with Vanilla Yoghurt, Ice-cream, Cheese and Biscuits, with a selection of Dried and Glazed Fruit, Fresh Filter Coffee and Cappuccino with Biscotti.