Daily Rates

Daily Rates to be charged by Andrew McLaren Safaris in 2015

Finding yourself on this daily rates page should be enough proof that you do in fact want the dream of hunting in Africa come true!

Do you also dream of booking that flight to a faraway place, that before this Africa hunting bug bit you, used to be, either totally unknown to you, or just a name on a map?

You wish to search for a good specimen and then stalk some of those weird-horned creatures to within shooting range?

You also want to speak with some authority on the tastiness of Karoo springbok if properly prepared on an open fire?

If you want these things to happen, then only YOU can do something about making these dreams come true: Start making it happen!

Like others, you also wish to have some of those magnificent African trophies on your wall Or you may opt to just have some decent photos of your trophies framed to hang on your wall?

You also want some memories to cherish in your old age? Want to have stories of a wonderful place to tell your grandchildren?

Well make it all happen. Start now! Do you think you cannot afford it? Think again: It does not cost all that much!

Do the reality check: What does it cost to hunt with AMS?

Less than a similar hunt would cost with most other HO’s!

Here at AMS we take pride in the fact that we claim to offer unsurpassable value for money spent on any safari.

A very good introductory hunt with AMS will cost less than a midrange quad bike. Or less than a single animal guided hunt in many parts of North America. You can surely afford that!

See this offer by Andrew McLaren Safaris to help you arrange a hunt to your desires and within your budget as an unequalled opportunity to make your dream of hunting in Africa come true

Don’t just dream about hunting in Africa. Act! Act now and so start making your dream come true! Send Andrew McLaren a message now and tell about your wishes. Do it now, even if you have not yet formulated exactly what you want. It will cost less than you think! You can go to the planning section later to fully formulate your wishes. Send that crucial first e-mail message now!

Here is some guidance of what the actual daily rates for a safari are likely to be.

Andrew McLaren Safaris arrange many custom safaris to a diverse selection of hunting concessions where trophy fees as well as the cost to hunt there vary widely. Short of by publishing a price list for each concession area we can simply NOT give a single price list without overcharging for hunting at some concessions. Although the hunt you have with Andrew McLaren Safaris will be of far above average in quality and enjoyment, mostly as a result of and through thorough prior planning, I can invariably beat many of the competition’s actual prices in the actual binding Remuneration Agreement.

Please note that the prices listed below are just intended as a guide for you to get a feeling for possible safari costs. Well before any hunt you will be provided with a draft copy of the Remuneration Agreement (RA)proposed as the ‘Hunt Contract”. The prices in the RA may be slightly different to those listed below, and it will always be the RA prices that hold.

Once you have made a definite enquiry, I will plan your hunt and then quote you prices that will apply for that particular hunt in a draft Remuneration Agreement.

My prices are always negotiable until you have signed the RA!

Note that these guideline prices given below are quoted in South African Rand. If you convert these prices into a currency with which you are more familiar, that is just guidance that does not take cognizance of the current exchange rate. These cost should therefore only be used as a first approach very rough guide to what to expect. In response to your specific enquiry Andrew McLaren Safaris will quote you for a custom safari in South African Rand, the amount which you can enter in a currency converter to get a feel of the cost at the exchange rate that applies on the day you do the conversion.

Pricing for Daily Rates for Different Types of Hunt Booked for 2015:

Andrew McLaren Safaris offer a variety of ethical fair chase hunting at, what we consider to be, truly competitive costs. As the size and quality of the trophy desired by different hunters vary so much, and the cost implications associated with these choices are so severe, Andrew McLaren Safaris have decided to try to cater for each specific type of hunter individually.

Choose any of the links below to read exactly what the type of hunt entails, so that you can see which type of hunting suits your desires the best. You can naturally also specify that you wish to hunt for a few days at one rate, and then go for one real trophy of a specified species. I can customize your safaris to suit your desires.