Way back, in the early years, when I started developing my web page, I wanted to “do it like all the others do”, and included a “Packages Page”. I actually offered some very good packages, but that was way back, then! As many years passed and my little business grew and developed I became progressively less eager to “do it same as the others”, hence offering a hunting package less and less desired or required.

All that I really want to say on this page now is that I’m confident that I can match the quality and price of most – but by no means all – of my competition’s offered “packages”. However putting together such a “package” would be an entirely “custom planned safari”. So, I do invite you to suggest a package that you wish to have an offer for; if I feel I can really compete, I’ll make you an exact match offer. However if I feel that your trophy selection includes too many species that is not readily available I’ll say so. Actually I may just make an alternative very attractive offer!