Damaliscus dorcas phillipsi, Blesbok

Blesbok about 3 1/2 feet at the shoulder, weigh approximately 150 pounds and are roughly 5 feet in length. Body color is reddish-brown and the white face marking is interrupted by a brown line above the eyes at the forehead, differentiating them from the similar appearing Bontebok.

Both sexes carry horns, once again making it difficult to differentiate between them. The ram’s horns are noticeably heavier and almost whitish from the base to approximately halfway up their length.

Found in large numbers in all suitable grassveldt habitat. They are endemic to South Africa and very popular with visiting hunters.

Blesbok have a preference for short grassland plains, but can be found in fairly thick bush as well.

Shooting distances can vary from 40 yards to in excess of 150 yards.

Recommended calibers

.270 Winchester and larger.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward – 16 1/2 S.C.I. – 39