Antidorcas marsupialis

This is South Africa’s National Animal. The National sporting teams are known at the Springboks.

It is the only gazelle found south of the Zambezi and, until fairly recently, occurred in vast numbers.

Springbok are relatively small, standing on average 2 1/2 feet at the shoulder and weighing up to 90 pounds. They are approximately 5 feet in length. A full mount is very attractive.

They are grazers and prefer open plains. They run at full speed at the first sign of danger and apparently for the sheer joy of running. Eyesight, hearing and smell are excellent, making reasonably long shots the order of the day.

Both sexes carry horns, the ewe’s being shorter, thinner and weaker. The Cape Province and Orange Free State both offer excellent springbok hunting, with the Cape being a shade better. In the Transvaal, they are limited and the trophy fees are more expensive.1

Shooting distance is seldom under 100 yards.

Recommended Calibers:

.22-250, .243 Winchester to .270 Winchester class calibers are all that are needed for this trophy.

Trophy Qualification Minimums:

Rowland Ward – 14 S.C.I. – 38